This is all about a ‘long time ago passion’.

Passion for traveling the world, in several different ways and for many reasons: we did travel and we do travel on our own, with friends, with our family, together. We do travel to meet friends based miles away, to see what we are interested in, on business, to share moments with the most important people of our life, for fun and so on.

We do not use travel agencies to pre – organise our travels, we just want to build our trip from the scratch.

What is not missing here is the selection of the destinations to visit, we just need to put them in the right order, and once this is done, our favourite part of the process does start, which is to go through the guide book, to optimise our journey by spending full nights and weekends studying, planning and dreaming our travel maybe in front of a pint or a pasta dish.

Mostly what we do not have is enough time to spend on site which is always not too much to see what the country has to offer, but maybe one day we will be able to leave with an one way air ticket not to get back to the routine and to our job, that at the moment it is the only way that allows us to buy the next ticket.

We do not boast to be proper travel bloggers, simply we are just travellers and we tell our passion to travel around the world.

This is also about friendship, about love, about arrivals and departures of people, like being at the airport.

Enjoy our articles and stories, our pics, get some tips, just get inspired…

..have a good Trip

Ale e Gale