Twelve Apostles


280 km – Melbourne – Great Ocean Road – 12 Apostles – Port Campbell

1100 km – Port Campbell – Sydney

3.15 h flight – Sydney – Brisbane – Mackay

150 km – Mackay – Airlie Beach

80 km – Airlie Beach – Conway Beach – Airlie Beach

500 km – Airlie Beach – Yeppoon

420 km – Yeppoon – Hervey Bay

120 km – Hervey Bay – Gympie

65 km – Gympie – Noosa

218 km – Noosa – Surfers Paradise

94km – Surfers Paradise – Byron Bay

175 km – Byron Bay – Brisbane Airport

Our map


International flight

From Venice to Melbourne via Dubai and via Kuala Lumpur: two stopovers.

From Brisbane to Venice via Dubai, a 15-hour non stop flight to the Emirates from Australia by Airbus 380.

Domestic flights

Sydney – Brisbane – Mackay

Car rentals

Melbourne (Footscray) – Great Ocean Road – Sydney (Alexandria)
Mackay Airport – Airlie Beach – Byron Bay – Brisbane Airport

Fraser Island Tour

2 Day 1 Night 4WD Explorer Tour Fraser Free.

Withsundays and Great Barrier Reef Tour

Panorama Tour to fly over the reef by a seaplane leaving from Airlie Beach with two landings: Whitehaven and nearby the Reef. With a small boat we approached the barrier to snorkel. We flew over The Heart shaped reef atoll. All this was such an experience!



Port Campbell

Bondi Beach – Sydney

Airlie Beach


Hervey Bay

Fraser Island


Byron Bay

Most of our trip was on the road along non-traffic roads, such as the Bruce Highway, where free coffee was served from kiosks, the so-called Driver Revivers, on the long-distance highways of Australia.


What is Australia?

It is a country where humans feel so small compared to the impressive nature all around made of wonderful flowers, trees and where incredible wildlife of kookaburra, parrots, kangaroos, Emu, box -jellyfish, sharks, rays, crocs, koalas live in different environments like deserts, mountains, beaches, islands and reef.
From this hemisphere the Southern Cross can be seen, the same Cross which guided sailors and explorers back in the days.
You can spend a summer Christmas here and see beautiful oceans where often swimming is not allowed, you can find vinegar on the beach against jellyfish stings and be astonished by the power of the ocean.

At the same time, it is also a country of modern cities like Sydney and like the beautiful Melbourne with its Bohemian Brunswick Street, which we enjoyed so much.

Everything is massive and wild over here, trucks and trains are much longer than ours, 4WD cars are ready to drive dirty roads and go for a desert self-drive.
It is a place where we met people from all over and where, in the first place, locals love to travel around and discover their amazing country.

Great Ocean Road

It is well known to be one of the most beautiful costal roads in the world with stunning sceneries all the way down to the ocean; this route will not disappoint you. The small towns you drive past are just heaven for surfers, for fishing and for those laid-back people living down here. Near Port Campbell, driving from Melbourne, one of the Australian icons will appear soon off the coast in front of you, giant rocks, sea stacks: the so-called 12 Apostles.
At sunset or at sunrise is the best time to admire such beauty.

A stop along the Great Ocean Road


The harbour is definitely one of the best bays in the world with the Opera House, we absolutely love its architecture, and with the ‘Hanger’, the famous bridge. Fancy a drink? Enjoy the Rocks and behind the theatre, you can walk relaxing yourself in the beautiful Botanic Gardens.

Great Barrier Reef  – Whitsunday Islands

Next stop were the Whitsunday Islands on a breath-taking and white soft sandy beach called guess what? Whitehaven.

In the second part of the trip is the Great Barrier Reef to let us speechless. We flew over here by a seaplane looking down at beautiful shades of reef colours, spotting sharks, rays and a heart- shaped reef atoll. Some of us got tears in their eyes right in front of such nature.

Whitehaven beach, Whitsundays
The Heart, Great Barrier Reef
Gale and Chiara, Great Barrier Reef

Airlie Beach

Gateway to Whitsundays. We enjoyed the hostel in the forest where we found a stick insect for the first time in life.

We are in the tropics here! Airlie Beach, the Capricorn and Gold Coast, heaven for surfers, divers and beach lovers; palm trees everywhere and the sun shines. Temperature reached here 46° Celsius.

Capricorn Coast


The drive was too long down to Hervey Bay, so we stopped halfway here, in this quiet town, where 160.000 bats live and soar at sunset, definitely not something you can see every day.
You can also visit a natural reserve where crocs live near here.

Conway Beach

Massive desert beach full of crab-made sand balls which sometimes can be proper masterpieces on the beach when the tide is out.  All made by sand bubblers crabs.

Fraser Island

We had been bumping on a 4WD bus for 48 hours in the largest sandy beach in the world; only 4WD are allowed to drive here. After walking in the rain forest our bus drove us along a 75-Mile Beach. This was absolutely our wild Australia.
Our Tour, there you go:

  • Inskip Point Ferry
  • Central Station / Wanggoolba Creek
  • Lake McKenzie
  • 75-Mile Beach
  • Eurong Beach Resort
  • Eli Creek
  • Maheno Shipwreck
  • Pinnacle Coloured Sands
  • Inskip Point Ferry

75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island

Sunshine Coast – Gold Coast

Noosa and Surfers Paradise

Amazing surfer destinations right by the ocean full of good vibes, youths looking for fun, for parties or just relaxing on the beach, shopping, dining out or drinking, skyscrapers right on the beach, something different from the rest huge desert Australia.

The Coast here reflects the proper Australian way of life which means take it easy and enjoy life, like those people we saw surf paddling home.

Surfers Paradise

Byron Bay

It is a surfer and yoga destination, completely different from the rest of Australia, totally relaxed and laid back, just chill out with a drink on the beach looking at the ocean. Everybody comes here, boys and girls walking barefoot with wetsuits on, go surfing, families, hippies and street artists.
Splendour in the Grass is a music festival with an interesting line-up taking place every year here.
Cheer up, slow down and chill out, this is Byron Bay.

Surf classes, Byron Bay

Two couples travelling together, friends before and after the trip. The trip to this amazing country, where we met such nice people, made these friends being closer to each other.

Gigi, Chiara, Ale, Gale
(December / January 2013 – 2014)

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