Greenwich, London


Go to Greenwich, which is a typical small town, where, as you get off the train, the majestic Cutty Sark jumps out at you immediately; back in 1896 this British Clipper sailed the tea and wool trade route to India.
(Clipper’s visits are possible)

Being such a lovely village, spend some time walking around here and have a pint in one of its local pubs; do not miss the village indoor market with either nice street food or shopping stalls.

Walk then to the National Maritime Museum where you can find the entry gate to the park (a perfect pic -nic spot where you can chill out) walk along the main path across the park to the hill that takes you then up to the Observatory.
The hill is quite steep but your effort will be rewarded with a beautiful view over London…weather permitting.

The Royal Observatory of Greenwich is right on the top of the hill and this is where you can see the Meridian line.Few meters before the fences that go all around the building, it is possible to see a small part of the Meridian coming out the Observatory; the line is hidden from the hedge after a black iron gate which is always open just before the Shepherd 24h Gate Clock.

Unfortunately we did not visit the Observatory but we will come back here to know more about the history, the reputation and the meaning that this place deserves.
The entry ticket is £9.50.
(March 2017)

How can I get here?

DLR is one of the best choices to get here from, for instance, Bank or Tower Gateway; it is a lovely journey going through Canary Wharf buildings especially at night with their lights on.

DLR STOP: Cutty Sark

Highly Recommended.

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Greenwich, London